Manila, PhilippinesThe biggest eSports event in the country to date has taken off in full swing this week as organizers hold a press conference at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Paranaque, Manila.

The Filipino Dota 2 community has always been the biggest fans of the game, even recognized throughout the whole eSports scene. With eight of the best teams in the world gathering at the Mall of Asia Arena this weekend, the fans surely have something to be excited about.

Representatives from local telecommunications mogul Smart and PLDT as well as television network TV5 were also present during the event. When asked about the difficulty in holding a large scale event such as this, they do admit it took a lot of careful planning.

Part of the challenge, according to veteran caster Marlon Marcelo, is presenting the games in a way that even those who have not played a single game can understand. He hopes to solve this by incorporating some humor and easy phrases even “noobs” can relate to. He hopes this will indeed help to spread interest in a sport that a lot of other Filipinos still consider to be a mere hobby.

Stay tuned as we cover the Manila Masters from the 26-28th of May.


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