First round matches from Day 1 had the following results.

  • OG defeated Team NP (2-1)
  • Newbee defeated Team Secret (2-1)
  • Invictus Gaming defeated Clutch Gamers (2-1)
  • Evil Geniuses defeated Team Faceless (2-0)

Upper Bracket Round 1 Matches

OG versus Newbee

After a dominant performance versus Team Secret, Newbee faced off against The Kiev Major Champions OG in Round 1 of the Upper Bracket. Game 1 saw OG draft a team-fight oriented lineup with Naga Siren, Batrider, Kunkka, Ember Spirit and Phoenix. By picking Disruptor, Ursa, Tidehunter, Sand King and Anti-Mage, Newbee retaliated with a lineup that favored early-mid game aggression, and secured their late game as well. OG managed to secure three early kills on the Tidehunter and Disruptor, but Newbee bounced back after getting few kills minutes later. Mid game was an all-out brawl between both teams with back and forth team-wipes on either side. Newbee somehow held on to their Net-worth and XP advantage as they got crucial pick-offs on Naga Siren and Ember Spirit 30 seconds apart around the 30 minute mark. Situation looked dire for OG as ‘Sccc’ overpowered and shredded through their lineup to secure victory in Game 1.

With OG on the ropes and looking to salvage the series, they drafted a heavy push based lineup with Chen as their last pick. However, OG lacked effective lock-down which enabled Newbee to last pick Storm Spirit as their mid hero versus Templar Assassin. OG had a great early game and built up a slight net-worth advantage. But, tides turned soon as Newbee won a teamfight and wiped OG from the map. With momentum on his side, and infested by Lifestealer, Sccc’s Storm Spirit caused havoc in the mid-game, getting kills on all three cores of OG again and again. Multiple deaths in short intervals forced OG to tap out and granted Newbee a spot in the Winner’s Bracket Finals after a decisive 2-0 victory.

Final result – Newbee 2 – 0 OG

Invictus Gaming versus Evil Geniuses

Game 1 saw the most EG-favored draft possible with all members getting to play one of their signature heroes. However, early game favored Invictus Gaming as they managed to kill Earth Spirit 4 times within the first 7 minutes. For the next few minutes EG struggled to find their footing, but it all changed quickly when iG gave away 6 kills to EG within 60 seconds at the 19th minute mark. Cr1t and Zai proved why opponents respect ban Io and Earth Spirit against them. Furthermore, Suma1L ended the game with no deaths and a monster kill as Templar Assassin to give EG 1 – 0 lead in the series.

Invictus Gaming looked to even up the series after a solid draft comprising of team-fight, pickoffs and heavy push. EG looked to match iG’s aggression, but fell little short. With fast paced back and forth action, pick-offs, near misses and counter kills on both sides, game 2 of this series could possibly be best game of the day. All members of iG played their roles perfectly as supports enabled the cores to get crucial kills and build momentum. After losing a teamfight at 35 minutes, it lead to a minor decline in XP and net-worth advantage around the 40th minute. However, iG managed to secure the aegis for Storm, then moved to get a pick-off on Suma1L’s Queen of Pain. As iG sieged the dire base, team-fight broke out and a beautiful Vacuum-Wall combo followed up with a Chaotic offering sealed EG’s fate for this game as they called ‘GG’ soon after.

For game 3 EG opted to run an aggressive trilane versus iG’s trilane. Looking to capitalize on Troll’s pre-level 6 weakness, EG wins. Tinker dominated mid vs Storm. Zai and Cr1t salvaged mid game as Kunkka and Bane with constant rotations. An early pipe on Dark Seer, along with Kunkka’s Rum buff ensured EG dominated teamfights against the magic damage heavy lineup of iG. While EG transitioned to taking down tier 2 towers, iG prepared for the late game, banking upon their high-ground defense and BurNing’s Troll Warlord. However, EG kicked it up a notch and Suma1L secured an Ultra kill in the 28th minute of the game, forcing Invictus Gaming to tap out and call GG. Day 1 curse on EG has been lifted this tournament, as they find themselves in the Winner’s Bracket Finals and 1 series away from the Grand Finals.

Final result – Evil Geniuses 2 – 1 Invictus Gaming

Tomorrow’s games will feature three series –

Elimination matches

  • Team NP versus Team Secret
  • Clutch Gamers versus Team Faceless

Winner’s Bracket Finals

  • Newbee versus Evil Geniuses

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